Power factor panel

SMART decision with very high

Investment in APFC panel is a very SMART decision with very high rate of return. APFC panel protects the customer from poor power factor and associated problems.
Poor power factor leads to following problems:
Excessive KVA demand for a given kW load resulting in higher electricity bill penalty from the state electricity board. High line currents resulting in high ohmic losses excessive voltage drops and voltage fluctuation harming the equipment and reducing their efficiency It is true that a properly designed APFC panel pays back for itself in a very short time span.

The APFC relay uses intelligent switching algorithm to reduce the number of capacitor bank switching operations required to attain the required KVAR.

The intelligent switching algorithm of the power factor control relay also uses the capacitor banks evenly thereby allowing uniform aging of the capacitors and the contractors.

APFC relay gives the facility to operate the panel in manual mode in case of special circumstances.

The APFC panel is liberally sized. This allows for systematic placement of the components and easy maintenance in future. Panel is designed for indoor use. It is IP41 rated with forced cooling.

To prevent tampering with the setting of the APFC relay a secondary glass door with sealing knob is provided to cover the relay.

A system is as good as the components it is made from. Hanut India uses only branded & high quality components in its APFC relay panels.

Capacitor bank ON indication: by indicating lamps and indication in APFC relay.

Capacitor bank Auto/Manual selection: through APFC relay programming only.

Panel type: Indoor. Floor standing. IP41 level of protection against dust and water entry.