HT Transformer

manufactured & assembled with precision

Each and every components of the HT transformer is manufactured and assembled with precision and utmost care.
main process lines of the transformers is:

Care: The core is made with laminated and low loss electrical steel sheets that is imported, grain oriented, cold rolled and sheets of high grade steel. The cores are assembled in a manner that they reduces the noise caused by vibration; individual stamping are coated with insulation varnish which is resistant to heat and oil on both sides.

Winding: Transformer windings also known as 'Coils' are precisely designed to meet three basic requirements: thermal, mechanical and electrical. These windings wound concentrically and are cylinder shaped. Both H.V. & L.V. type windings are wound with adequate securing and brazing tapes in order to get a sturdy, robust and self-supporting structure.

Insulation & Impregnation: The principal component of insulation is insulating pre-compressed pressboard. The component like ring ducts dovetailed spacer; blocks etc. are put under compressing along with the coil assembly for pre-shrinking.

Short Circuit Capability: In the order to prevent deformation under short-circuit forces; solid insulation end block and ring are used. Winding are compressed under top and bottom clamping members with the help of tie rods.

Tank Construction: All tank are made from mild steel sheet of adequate thickness with corrugated wall panel type

Quality Finish Through Use of Shot Blasting technologys: Tanks are shot blasted to remove mill and welding scale and then a primer coat is immediately applied to the exterior to eliminate rust formation.

After priming, all tanks receive a coat of intermediate paint and after pressure testing; they receive a final coat of high gloss paint applied by spray.